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Proven technologies

First, we use leading-edge technology to ensure optimal management of the entire supply logistics chain. From our mobile communication and data management system for the tracking of your merchandise in real time to our telemetry tool for remotely managing the temperature control units in our trailers, we offer tools that make your life easier.

Dedicated employees

Next, since customer service is the core of our activities, dedicated teams are standing by at each terminal to meet your needs for personalized, proactive service.

The unique customer experience we provide sets us apart from the competition and builds customer loyalty. Throughout the shipment process, you’ll appreciate our flexible network and resourceful team, which help us quickly address urgent requests.

More cost-effective operations

Our ultimate goal? To help you resolve logistics problems while keeping your profitability in mind. This goal motivates and drives us to go one step further in maintaining the highest standards at every stage, from needs analysis to the implementation of customized transportation solutions.

Trust the Guilbault team. We offer integrated logistics solutions for distribution and transport that work for YOU!


At Guilbault, we’re always innovating and developing new methods and optimization tools so we can anticipate and take the steps necessary for problem-free transportation of your shipments. Our shipment tracking application and transportation management system let you monitor quality constantly and completely control the flow of merchandise, thus lowering your costs.

Our ISAAC technology: It’s like you’re on the road with us!

Our mobile communication and data management system that tracks merchandise in real time was created to meet our clients’ distinctive needs.


  • Real-time tracking of your shipments;
  • Optional email alerts in real time:
    • OS&D (over, short and damaged): Get your over, short and damaged reports in no time at all;
    • Waiting time;
    • Invoice change notice;
    • Delivery confirmation/proof of delivery.

EDI (electronic data interchange): Zero paper, maximum efficiency!

This electronic technology sends information automatically from one system to another without human intervention.

We can issue your data by EDI for the following types of reports:

  • 204: Load tender receipt;
  • 990: EDI 204 confirmation (offer accepted or declined);
  • 210: Invoicing;
  • 214: Your order status.

Note: Other types of reports are also available on request.


  • Quick remote access to reliable data;
  • Less manual data entry, reducing the potential for error;
  • No documents sent by fax or email.

iBright: For packages transported at controlled temperatures

This telemetry tool helps us remotely manage the temperature control units in our trailers.


  • Fully compliant delivery of refrigerated products;
  • Guaranteed security and safety of your temperature-controlled goods;
  • Temperature monitoring and recording at all times;
  • Data availability for report production;
  • Compliance with Health Canada’s new food safety standards.

WMS (Warehouse Management System): Our warehouse management system

Our WMS makes managing freight and optimizing goods movement in our warehouses easier.


  • Offers clear inventory visibility;
  • Ensures inventory accuracy at all times;
  • Facilitates overall supply chain management;
  • Increases productivity and efficiency;
  • Optimizes order preparation;
  • Maximizes warehouse volume management with location optimization;
  • Controls various product inventories (SKU);
  • Creates inventory reports for clients at any time.

Cloud computing: High performance information technology (IT) through the cloud

This computer service is outsourced online.

Main benefit:

  • Secure data that’s available any time, even if there’s a system failure.

Security and compliance

A priority

Guilbault prides itself on maintaining highly satisfactory security and compliance classifications. We even surpass Canadian and American legal requirements in many respects.

To keep this goal our top priority, we provide ongoing training for our employees and equip our trucks with on-board computers. Moreover, all our drivers have an electronic logbook, to keep them safe on the road and ensure compliance and adherence to the hours of service regulations.


Certifications and honours

Shipper’s Choice Award

For the seventh consecutive year, Guilbault won a Shipper’s Choice Award from Canadian Shipper Magazine, which recognized us for exceeding industry standards in the less-than-truckload (LTL) category.

The award is based on a number of key performance indicators in the industry. According to our clients, Guilbault is recognized for its:

  • Customer service;
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines;
  • Leadership in problem solving;
  • High quality equipment and operations;
  • Information technology.

Carrier of Choice

Guilbault is also proud to hold the title Carrier of Choice. We would like to thank our clients for their trust, year after year, and our employees, whose outstanding service has helped us shine once again.


We are also SmartWay certified in recognition of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.